Medieval corner

      Besides a seriously scary horror movie, what can make your stomach churn, your heart stop and your hair stand on end? Well, picture a trip back in time, into the medieval world of knights and ladies, swords and shields, castles and dungeons, and the clank of axes and armour as the mist of an early morning rises above the harrowing sounds of men lying weary and wounded across a bloody battlefield.

Imagine what it was like to live during the dark ages, when the sound of steel hitting steel was as common as today’s traffic noise, when men fought fiercely for the favour of a lady, and when defending your land, your castle, your people and your honour was the stuff of daily life. Our medieval collection will take you back to that time, and make it just as real as the air you’re breathing.

Don”t be surprised if you think you hear the thunder of hooves crossing adrawbridge, or feel the dampness of the oppressive stone castle walls before you.  Get a true sense of knightly strength when you wield “Excalibur” with both hands, as if you were defending the King himself.

Come see, imagine, the very essence of medieval history as presented by our figures, accessories and display.